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Raising Confident Kids Summit

October 24, 2023 MaryAnn Walker. Madhvi Bansal Episode 65
Inner Work With MaryAnn Walker
Raising Confident Kids Summit
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Are you seeking to create more confidence for yourself?  Are you wishing you had the tools to help your kids to feel more confident? Come and register for the FREE Raising Confident Kids Summit!

21 experts have joined together to share tools and experiences to support you and your family, no matter how old the kids are. Click the link to register now!  Interviews will be sent out via email November 1st-11th. See you there!

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Well, hello and welcome back. So in this bonus episode, I am talking with Madhvi. Now, Mod V reached out to me to see if I would present at her Raising Confidence Kids Summit. This is going to be an incredible free event. There's going to be 21 presenters, all experts in their field, talking about how to support your kids and help them to develop more confidence. And of course, this all starts with developing your own personal level of confidence as well.

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Now when Maude first reached out to me, I didn't even ask her any follow up questions. I didn't ask who she was or who she was affiliated with. All I knew was that she is someone who really strives to support our kids and their families. And so of course, when I knew that we had this major thing in common, I just gave it a wholehearted yes. So if you too feel like this is something you want to give a wholehearted yes to, come and register for the event.

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All presentations will be prerecorded so you don't have to worry about scheduling and figuring out how to attend live. These will all be sent directly to your inbox between November 1st and November 11th.

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Bye! Bye! Bye! Bye! So click the link in the show notes if you want to come get registered and I'll see you there. Alright, now here's more about ModBee.

So I would like to welcome Madhvi Bansal to the show. So welcome Madhvi. Thank you, Marianne. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be on here. I'm super excited. And, I am a mom of three kids. I live in Rochester, New York, upstate New York, where it gets kind of cold. And I have been, in the corporate world, but have been a state home mom for the last 13 years now. So it's a different experience. And, I was born in India and came here when I was nine. So a lot of the cultural, differences are, are something that I see very, very easily just being born there and, being raised in that culture. Um, and one of the things that, um, Kind of sneaks up on you, which I wasn't aware of was just the lack of confidence I see in my sisters as well. And so I'm not sure if it was the way we were brought up or what the reasoning for that is. But I've noticed that since I have been at home with the kids and I've noticed the fact that me lacking confidence is having an effect on them as well. And so I appreciate you having me on here and I'm talking to you about raising kids. Yeah, I'm so excited to have you on here. Yeah, because really, you know, that's one thing that we have in common, right? Like I really don't know anything about ModB, but I knew that we had a shared passion for helping kids and families. I thought, all right, that's all I need to know. Like I am in, I'm excited to work together. And so, yeah, so I really would like to hear more about, this Raising Confidence Kids Summit that you've created. And, and so, yeah, you've already shared a little bit about what's happening. Coming up for you and how this is really something that you have witnessed culturally that we need a little bit more support around is raising confident kids and finding that confidence for ourselves. So I absolutely love that you've created this event. Oh, my goodness. Thank you so much. There has been a lot of supporters and a lot of experts who are able to help parents in different ways to bring confidence to themselves as well as well as their kids. So I've been very lucky and yes, I'm doing a summit about raising confident kids and inviting experts such as you, Marianne, where we can help parents, whether it be mothers or fathers, just mothers, realize what it takes for ourselves to be confident and so that we can model that for our kids. as I had mentioned before, I have, realized that there was a lack of confidence in myself. And so therefore I was not able to help my kids fully. And, we did a smaller conference together in a local town and it was very well received. And so therefore this was my reason to do something a little bit bigger, to reach a broader audience and. I knew there was more people out there that needed to hear this. So that was my passion and I know how much they need it because I have been at that point where I needed it. I needed some help, in figuring out how to do this for myself. So that is the main reason why I wanted to put this together and have experts such as you help us out. I love that so much. So tell me who is this summit for? Yeah. So, as I've been going through this process, it's helped me realize a few things. As I mentioned, it's my first one that's, you know, pretty big. And so I have learned that, this is something actually that can help parents that have toddlers that have toddlers. And so middle school age or high school or college. So it's not actually something that, might be challenging only in one era of your parenthood journey. And so So, I think where it can help people is anyone who, number one needs to find the confidence in themselves, whether it's a mom or a dad or anybody else who is a caretaker, because I think it really needs to start with us. And the reason for that being if we don't have it, it's really hard for us to tell our kids to do the things they need to do to have that confidence. So I feel that 1 of the audience members would be people who feel that they need it for themselves. Secondly, it can also help people who are confident in themselves, but yet don't know how to express that and have that instilled into their kids. There's a lot of different ways to do it. And as we know, as mothers, every kid is different. So there could be one way we can help one child where that would not work with another. So just having different ways to be able to instill that is very important. I've seen it with my own kids. And I think also, honestly, if I think about it going through this process, it can also be for parents who are thinking about being parents. I think it's a great thing to think about, because it can start as early as when they're babies.

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Yeah, I love that so much. It sounds like there really is something for everybody, be it those that are preparing to become parents all the way up through college age. It sounds like there's something that will be applicable to every single stage.

So how many presenters are there going to be at this event? Yeah, I am planning to have 21 presenters. I am going to be working hard and it is all different ways to help parents. So, for instance, I know you help parents make sure that self care is a priority for them and that their self esteem and their confidence is embedded in themselves so that they can help model that for their kids. I also have, speakers who help parents who have twice exceptional kids, and they have ways to help both the parents and the kids find confidence in themselves and tools and strategies they can use. I have a speaker who is actually a D1 recruit. She's actually helping parents get their kids recruited. Mainly her, her clients are D1, but she said she does D1, D2, D3. It's more just getting that, you know, everybody knows. Athletes can be confident, but she mentioned the fact that there's life skills that these athletes don't have. And that's where they need the confidence more so than maybe even, let's say playing volleyball. Um, so it's all different facets and I think that's where it can really help people because you can think to yourself, well, you know what? I prioritize myself. I'm fine. I don't need this help. But do you have that confidence to share it with your kids and let them know how to do it themselves? Yeah. Yeah. We only have our kids for a little while and we can influence them for that little while. So I think doing it in the right way and getting them to a point where we feel confident that they can be on their own is really important. Yeah. Yeah. I love that. I love that you're catering it to a broad range of parents in different ages and stages with their kids. have 21 presenters. So hopefully with each kid, even if you just have one more tool for each of your children, how powerful to have access to all of those things and see, okay, what might work for this child and being able to customize that towards your kid. And interesting too, and you talked about confidence, right? And with the athletes. Yes. Be confident about your physical skills. And then like what's happening mentally, right? What's happening in the head? Are you equating your level of confidence and your value to the scoreboard or do you have other things outside of that? So that sounds really fascinating. It sounds like you have a wide range of topics coming through. Yeah, we do. And it's really honestly interesting that, even for me doing this and going through this process, there are some things that I didn't think about that had to do with confidence. For instance, nutrition. I mean, everybody knows having good nutrition is important, but when you lack that, there is parts of your body that are not at 100%. And that's where the lack of confidence comes in. Yeah. So I think everyone's going to find it very interesting and everyone is going to come out with. Tons of nuggets and definitely tools that they can take away and not only for right now, but also for the future. Yeah, their kids, you know, let's say you have a two year old, but even for the future, you're going to find tools that are so helpful to you. That is awesome. So what are some of the topics that are going to be covered? So we're going to have, like I mentioned, a gentleman who owns a scholars Academy. And he is very passionate. He himself is a twice exceptional. Well, he was as a kid. And so he feels that very strongly. And you could tell in his passion as he's telling us the story about how he felt as a kid and how, how he felt left out, how he felt sad. And those were, those are feelings that really. Don't go with having confidence. I mean, it's almost like that's making you feel less confident just by having those feelings. And so I think he feels very passionate about talking about these kids and having them have people that are like minded near them, you know, and knowing that that's okay, that this is how I am. That doesn't make me average. That makes me have a little different learning strategy, a little different way to do things, I think is we've been taught that when we're in school, we need to know English, math, science. But there could be someone who's Picasso out there. We just don't know. And the parent could be like, well, he doesn't know how to do math and English. The right thing to do is learn about what they can do. And I think we have been taught that. So I thought that was a very, very good point. That he's making in his interview, and you really just be curious and learn about what it is that your kids are really good at, and foster that because we know there's people out there, for instance, like Einstein, where people don't ever wonder why can't he drop there's Picasso people never wonder why can't he do math. Yeah. So he's really impressed me because he's putting on this platform for these kids. Who can have like minded people near them and then also have mentors. So that's definitely one and, another woman who is, teaching, she's in California. She is teaching people with is what we say disabilities. And she never calls it that she calls it different difference in learning. And she's in California. She's taught some celebrities, kids, and Courtney Kardashian actually calls her, rockstar queen tutor. Yeah, I love it because she, she was a tutor for her child. So,, she is out there letting people know that disabilities are not something that you should think. Is a any kind of lack in life. It's just a different way of learning. And when you teach your children how to learn that way, they will strive. They will just get to the level where they belong. And that's when we realize that maybe. Not everything has to be this way, you know, not one way, math, English, science, there's so many varieties out there. And I think parents can feel a lot better about themselves knowing that, you know, what, maybe he doesn't know how to do math, but look at what he just drew. Yeah, I think we need to get that more. Um, we need it. We need to normalize that more. Then we do now, so there's going to be a wide, wide variety of speakers that we're going to have. And, I will have a link that, our audience can go to, and there's going to be a list of all the speakers that we have there as well. So, that should help. Kind of get an idea of what it is that you're interested in, your audience is interested in. And I'll be honest with you, even if it seems like it's not something that, you can see in your life, I think it's very interesting to, to, to learn and, and watch these interviews, because I promise you, you will learn something, whether it has to do with your life or not, whether it has to do with your kids or not. And that is what I'm finding so helpful and so fulfilling in this journey. I love that. Yeah. And you said so many really amazing things in that. But one of the things I appreciate you saying was being really curious about your own child, like as we're trying to cultivate that, confidence in our own children to be curious about where are they going to thrive? And that is such a different question than how are they going to succeed at math? How are they going to succeed socially and limiting it to one qualifier when it comes to confidence, but approaching our child with that excitement and that curiosity of what are they going to do? Is it going to be math? What are they going to do? Like how much that shifts the energy to just be super curious about, wow, how are they going to be an amazing human today? Because the kids will pick up on that. And they'll find their passion and their confidence through your passion and confidence and curiosity about them. So I love that. And what a domino effect, right? You, you take that curiosity into your own and you talk about, okay, what are they going to do? Oh, maybe they're going to do some artwork today. Maybe they're going to do, um, you know, talk about engineering and then you see them doing it and then you think to yourself how they're so good at this. So it's just like a rolling domino effect, which just really creates confidence, in the kids. Yeah, I love that so much. So, tell us where can people go to register for this event and when is it going to start? Yes. So, the launch is going to be November 1st and, we are going to be sending out two emails a day with two interviews a day. You know, this is going out to parents. I know how busy life can be. So I wanted to kind of spread it out. And then would you be able to put a link for the register? podcast? Absolutely. Yes. I'll put that in the show notes. Yes. We'll make sure that everybody has a link to get registered. Cause it sounds like an amazing event with so many amazing speakers and such a wide variety of information. It sounds phenomenal. Thank you, Marianne. And. I don't know if I mentioned it or not. I know a lot of times you just don't know and things get kind of lost, but it is actually free, just so everybody knows. You just need to register and then you get the information. And so I really encourage everyone. I know time is really, really precious and most of us are really busy. But I think as we talked about self prioritizing and making things a priority, I think Sign up for this. I think at some point you're going to want to listen to it, whether it's when you're going on a walk or you're driving your kids to sports lessons, and you're going to realize how important and how valuable this is. So yeah. Yeah. And what an amazing event to have so many resources and so many experts coming together for free to support parents and kids. And I just think it's amazing what you're doing. I just so appreciate it. Thank you. I mean, it started out. I almost feel like being selfish because I was like, I would have wanted this. So I'm just, I'm hoping it really does give value to a lot of parents out there because we all, it takes a village. Yeah. Oh, it absolutely does. And what a beautiful village you're creating. So I love that. So if you can pick one thing that you hope that participants can gain from this event, what would it be? I think the one thing that it would be, would be to keep an open mind. I think what I realized through the process is there were some things that in my mind I felt wasn't really that they weren't that interesting to me. But after interviewing the person, it blew my mind as to what I learned. And it blew my mind to know something that is going on in this world that I'm not even a part of. Yeah. That I could potentially help. Yeah. So I think we get caught in our own daily life so much that I think if you can be open minded and listen to this, I think you will learn a lot of just basics in life that unfortunately with social media and with the TV and the computer that we just don't get anymore. Just as simple as being curious or being kind to people. I think those things are very important and I think we've kind of lost it. Yeah, I think that is hoping they're open minded. Yeah. Well, it's such a beautiful way to wrap this up because I love that as you're talking even about creating this event, that this is an event to help support kids and help them to find their own confidence and you and your personal experience of, Hey, I would like to develop more confidence. I don't really have access to these resources. I'm going to pull all of these resources and what a beautiful example. I mean, speaking of being a model to your kids about how to develop confidence. I mean, I'm sure that took a lot of strength and courage to even pull this event together. And what an amazing thing to model of leaning into that discomfort and seeing how, yeah, I can be uncomfortable and I can experience confidence at the end of that. Cause I think this is going to be an incredible event. Oh my goodness. Thank you. If I can say one more thing, that is that life is full of opportunities and a lot of times we don't take them and I think you should just do it and step into the uncomfortable. I think what you will get out of that is just unbelievable and it's not anything you could imagine until you actually do it. I love that. See, now you guys know why I just said yes, when Modby said, hey, do you want to speak? I'm like, yes, because I could feel that passion. So I love that so much. Yeah. Thank you. Well, thank you so much for coming on, Modby. And I am so excited for the summit and looking forward to it. So again, everybody, check out the show notes. You can also click the link on my social media and come and get registered for this free event. Guaranteed. You're going to find at least one tool that will be super applicable to you, but. Potentially many, many more. So I'm so glad you're able to come on. Thank you so much. Oh, thank you. I feel like we were meant to meet each other, so I really appreciate this. I think so too. So yeah, I'm looking forward to whatever we create next. Absolutely.

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All right, well click the link in the show notes to get registered for this free event, and I will see you on November 1st. All right, have a great week. Bye now.